“Tunu” is the Chamorro word meaning, “cooking over fire”, an ancient term shared amongst Pacific Islanders. – Source

gene04212017_200pxMy name is Gene and I’m originally from Guam, where my love for “tunu” comes from. I grew up in a fairly large family of talented cooks, in a culture where any reason was a good reason to gather around food. I currently reside in Tacoma, Washington, where I’ve lived now for 17 years with my wife and (now) 3 children.

While I’m an IT professional by day, I have several other passions that I’ve developed throughout my life, which include: photography, traditional and hydroponic gardening, graphic design, and barbecue (in no particular order).

While this blog is going to be dedicated to BBQ (among other things), I am not claiming to be an expert in all things barbecue. In fact, this is my journey for knowledge, experience, and most of all, good eats. I love cooking, but most of all, I love the results of all that cooking – bringing people together and filling bellies.  I also experiment pretty often, making my own rubs, hot sauces, and fermented foods, so you can also expect to see some of that as the blog grows.

I hope to be able to share the knowledge I gain with others; and maybe make some new friends while at it!  Thank you for visiting my site, and stay hungry, friends!